An easy way to Move Around

We are passionate about making Taxi20 a quick, reliable and an easy way to get you around your city.

An Easy Way to Move Around

SAFE With Taxi20 you get only professionally Garda vetted approved drivers who care about customer service. Besides you can always see the rating of the driver before the ride.

EASY Taxi20 finds your address instantly. No need to look it up on the map. Just click "Set Pick up" and we will do the rest.

FAST Whether you are taking your girlfriend to dinner or getting back home from the night out, Taxi20 is the quickest way to hop onto a top quality ride

CASH or CREDIT CARD It is up to you. By the way, you don't need to take your credit card out, just add it in the app and we will process the payment on your approval.

Become a Taxi20 Driver

Clear order instructions
By joining Taxi20 you will be able to receive clear visible orders with the most important data right on the screen.
This allows a driver to analyse an order in a few seconds and approve or reject it right away.

Navigation to pickup and dropoff
We show passenger location on the map and navigate a driver through every point on the route. Any smartphone or tablet can be used to run the app, which helps you get to any address fast and easy.

Free Sign up
Take advantage of our limited Free sign up offer for a couple of months and keep 100% of all jobs from Taxi20.

Awesome features and more to come!

Driver search visualisation
Unlike other taxi apps that show you a horde of available cars but when it comes to ordering it quotes you a long wait time for a ride, the Taxi20 app’s map activity correlates well with reality. We have visualised the search distribution between drivers on the map.

Simple interface a grany can understand
The app instantly knows where you are located and where a driver should pick you up

Pickup at nearby Foursquare places
The app allows you to set the pickup location at any of nearby Foursquare places. This is an easy, quick and precise way to let the driver know where you are exactly.

Set pickup on the map
You can also set exact pickup location on the map or just type in the address

Follow the driver as he arrives
Know where the driver is currently at and know exactly when he is approaching. App will automatically zoom in the map as your driver gets closer.

Setup cash or credit card payments
Configure cash and/or credit card payments for seamless payment experience.

Rating system to ensure high quality service level
Rate your drivers and your drivers rate you. This is a great tool to inspire drivers and passengers behave and outperform.